Down with BuddyPress, long live bbPress

I tried to run the infamous BuddyPress plugin. It would have let member bloggers communicate internally with each other.

But it kept breaking the ability of people to sign up for new blogs.

So, I deleted BuddyPress and instead installed bbPress. Some background. bbPress is the bulletin board software that a hearty band of coders reworked into the blogging platform called “WordPress.”

And bbPress remained the red-headed stepchild for many years. But recently some official attention was paid to it, and it is a full-throated forum package. And it also exists as a WordPress plugin.

I’ve added the main plugin, and I’ve also added some add-on plugin that explain it’s usefulness. I’ve created two main forums — One for citizen journalism and other about the nuts & bolts of operating a Blog Peoria Project blog.

But a warning: You must be a member of the Blog Peoria Project to participate. You do not necessarily have to create a blog.

bbPress. Yet ANOTHER reason to blog on the Blog Peoria Project.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan for what you’re doing. If all you need is forums then bbPress should handle everything just fine. Also keep in mind that BuddyPress integrates bbPress as its forum software, so if you ever want to go back to BuddyPress your forums will continue working as they are now. Both plugins are developed by the same lead developer and are tightly integrated.

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