Yo know how Facebook lets users upload avatars that appear next to your name when you make a post? Well, you can upload that same avatar to THIS site. It will appear when you post comments on our main bbPress bulletin board. You go to your Dashboard, scroll down to “Users” ¬†and then click on “Your profile.” Near the bottom of the page is an upload geature that lets you upload an image. Some cropping is possible, but it’s best to upload a square image, probably no bigger than 150×150.

Don’t want to use a headshot? That’s OK, go HERE or HERE and browse and then download one of the images. There are other sites that let you download avatar images. Try a Google search.

But frankly, I recommend getting a GRAVATAR, or a “Globally Recognized Avatar.” You go there once, upload the avatar, and it appears on every blog and forum that uses Gravatars. Simply put, it calls up the Gravatar that’s associated with your email.

[avatar user=”admin” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”file” /]