Seriously. Go HERE and download your FREE version of Photoshop CS2. This is a version of the program that was released by Adobe. Go ahead. It’s legal. When I started blogging, I had to manually install about 20 3.35 floppy disks MANUALLY and it was as illegal as HELL. But it was worth it, because Photoshop is THE premier photo manipulation software. It is the gold standard.

OK, now here’s a “come to Jesus” discussion about photos on your Website.

Bigger is not better. If you have a newer camera, it can probably take pictures with about 12 megapixels. That is way, way, way too large for a Website. Lower your camera settings to about 640px or 320px.

Now upload your photos to your computer. Open one of the photographs you want to upload to Photoshop.You need to change the image size to something that will fit in your theme:



What I do, is I right click on the bar above the image (or I go to “Image” in the tool bar, then go down and click on “Image size.”  When the “Image Size” dialog box appears, I click on the “Constrain proportions” check box (not visible in this photo, but it’s there) and then I manually enter the width in pixels that I want. I find that 500 pixels is plenty wide for the theme I use. You may need to set it at 450 or 400 pixels. You will find that the “Height” value automatically changes (that’s because you clicked the “constrain proportions” check box.

Now, you’ll want to save this version for the web:



See? Easy peasy.



Select “jpeg”, “medium” and “30” for quality. Then click “save.”  You will be prompted to name the image. Pick one you can easily remember and remember what internal file you are saving it to on your computer.

Then use the “Add Media” button in WordPress to manually add the photograph. Be sure to use the “attachment display settings” in the dialog box to select the image size you want.You may just want to run the image as a “thumbnail.”

Here’s why I recommend smaller sizes.

Big images eat up your total maximum file upload size in WordPress. Users are allowed a maximum of 200 MB upload space ion Blog Peoria. That’s it. I may expand Blog Peoria in the future, but for NOW, the max size is set at 200 MB. The maximum size for any ONE image being uploaded is 1,500 KB.

And here’s another problem. Too-large photos will break many themes. If your theme can accommodate an image no wider than, say, 500 pixels, the theme’s sidebar may be forced below the image, perhaps all the way to the bottom of the blog.

Or, you will get a “broken image” message on your blog (FYI: the fewer images you have on your blog, the better as far, as load times go).

Or your blog will take too long to load.

Or it won’t load at all.

Trust me, tweaking your image in Photoshop BEFORE uploading it the best thing you can do for your blog.