I love the meta of blogs.

I want to know how the post was written. I want to know if the post was written while the author was sitting in his kitchen on a rainy day or while she was sipping green tea at Starbucks.

If the writer getting paid for the article. Hey, that’s OK, I just wanna know.  Is the writer writing about the topic because he has real interest, or are sources whispering in his ear? I just wanna know.

Is the writer just writing about this topic because he’s interested in the subject, or is he writing about it because he’s notices he gets a lot more Google hits when this subject is mentioned. I want to know.

What is the interaction between the subject and the author? What’s the personal history between the subject and author?

In a traditional mainstream media environment, the reporter is encouraged or even trained to filter out all the meta information like this. ‘Be objective,’ they are told.

But the citizen journalists is more subjective. The leave the “meta” in. They let the reader in on their feelings, their perceptions, and they clue the reader in on the details that in forma them about the situation.

It’s more honest.

Mainstream journalists take out the “I.”  Citizen journalists put the “I” back in.