Donate please to a special project at The Blog Peoria Project

There is this site called Basically, it’s a site that lets the owners of WordPress MultiSites (like the Blog Peoria Project super-size their sites. They offer a TON of themes and plugins that paid members offer to to their members. They also provide members with a ton of hands-on support and development. If you mention of plugin you would LIKE to see, they will work on it for you. They offer user manuals and special videos to explain to users how to best use their blogs/citizen journalism sites.

I would like to join this site and provide these services to my members.

But there is a cost involved.

A one month membership costs $39.60. this would give me time to get in, download the plugins, themes and videos. A quarterly membership costs $82.80 and would give me three months of special support, plus all the themes, plugins and videos. A one-year-long membership costs $235.20.

This gives me (and Blog Peoria’s intrepid citizen journalists) 350+ premium plugins, themes, downloads, updates, new releases and 24/7/365 support for anything WordPress.

Go check out their Website to check out what they offer.

If you are so inclined, make a donation. As soon as I get $40, I’m buying the monthly membership and downloading the plugins and themes.

Believe it or not, spelling is important, even on the Web

I have had some issues with spelling. Which isn’t good. So I installed TinyMCE Spell Check across the entire Blog Peoria Project network. It will correct the spelling errors (as long ads you click on the “ABC/checkmark” link on your WYSIWYG screen.

Down with BuddyPress, long live bbPress

I tried to run the infamous BuddyPress plugin. It would have let member bloggers communicate internally with each other.

But it kept breaking the ability of people to sign up for new blogs.

So, I deleted BuddyPress and instead installed bbPress. Some background. bbPress is the bulletin board software that a hearty band of coders reworked into the blogging platform called “WordPress.”

And bbPress remained the red-headed stepchild for many years. But recently some official attention was paid to it, and it is a full-throated forum package. And it also exists as a WordPress plugin.

I’ve added the main plugin, and I’ve also added some add-on plugin that explain it’s usefulness. I’ve created two main forums — One for citizen journalism and other about the nuts & bolts of operating a Blog Peoria Project blog.

But a warning: You must be a member of the Blog Peoria Project to participate. You do not necessarily have to create a blog.

bbPress. Yet ANOTHER reason to blog on the Blog Peoria Project.

You can ‘captcha’ spam comments

All blogs on the Blog Peoria Project are already protected by the Akismet plugin. You have to do NOTHING. It’s there, working in the background, protecting you.

But I’ve added the CAPTCHA plugin to give us all that extra layer of protection from the spammers that somehow manage to slip through.

All commenters will have to answer a simple math question when they comment on posts and pages, and when they register as members and sign up for blogs. They are other pages (like Buddy Press pages and forums) that you can activate to use CAPTCHA.

I know CAPTCHAs can be a pain, but they are a good way to further eliminate hated spam. Ever have to eliminate 4,000 plug spam comments from a blog? I have. Not much fun.

There is remarkably little you have to do. You can access the controls by going to your left admin sidebar, hover on “BWS Plugins” and then click on “CAPTCHA.”

But it will work just fine if you leave it alone.

WangGuard is pre-installed to protect us all from spam bloggers

WangGuard is a plugin that is already activated across the Blog Peoria Project. It will protect us all from spam blog registrations (called “splogs”), which will slow down our servers and work to fill out inboxes with junk email.

I hate sploggers.

Like I said. It’s already activated on your site. You may have to enter the Blog Peoria Project’s own Wang Guiard API. Here it is:


Let me know if you have any problems.