There is this site called Basically, it’s a site that lets the owners of WordPress MultiSites (like the Blog Peoria Project super-size their sites. They offer a TON of themes and plugins that paid members offer to to their members. They also provide members with a ton of hands-on support and development. If you mention of plugin you would LIKE to see, they will work on it for you. They offer user manuals and special videos to explain to users how to best use their blogs/citizen journalism sites.

I would like to join this site and provide these services to my members.

But there is a cost involved.

A one month membership costs $39.60. this would give me time to get in, download the plugins, themes and videos. A quarterly membership costs $82.80 and would give me three months of special support, plus all the themes, plugins and videos. A one-year-long membership costs $235.20.

This gives me (and Blog Peoria’s intrepid citizen journalists) 350+ premium plugins, themes, downloads, updates, new releases and 24/7/365 support for anything WordPress.

Go check out their Website to check out what they offer.

If you are so inclined, make a donation. As soon as I get $40, I’m buying the monthly membership and downloading the plugins and themes.