From PBS’s Mediashift:

Jama Abdirahman is a 22-year-old student at Seattle Central College. He loves photography and the Seahawks. His parents, who are from Somalia, hope he’ll become an engineer.

It’s unlikely that Jama would become a journalist. Journalism is dying, right? Plus, people of color made up just 13.34% of US newsrooms in 2014 . That’s less than half the percentage racial and ethnic minorities make up of the US population overall.

The Seattle Globalist , a non-profit news organization of which I’m a co-founder and the executive director, wants to see that number change dramatically. Our own newsroom is the petri dish: our writers are 40% people of color and 20% foreign-born. Two of our three editors are women of color. Our board includes people who identify as a range of races, ethnicities, nationalities, and sexual identities.