From StartUpSmart:

Nick Ross, the ABC’s editor of technology and games, has begun crowdfunding a project called Nanotransactions, which allows publishers and blogging communities to charge users a few cents to access each piece of content.

As with prepaid mobile accounts, Ross’ model sees users top their accounts using the online payment system of their choice, including bitcoin, to a minimum amount of $5.

Unlike current micropayment systems, which charge publishers up to 30 cents per transaction, the Nanotransaction model is envisaged to involve a charge of just one cent for an article with an access charge of up to nine cents.
The system will also be web-based, meaning users won’t need to download a specific app in order to access content.

I dunno. Seems awful inconvenient to me. I better mail in my payment for at home delivery of yesterday’s news so I can get all those coupons for out-of-town stores I’ll never visit.

The fact of the matter is, any payment system that delivers content of a viable and vibrant online-only version of your daily newspaper will invariably be cheaper and more efficient than the paperboy delivery model in use today.