Via Gizmodo:

Wearables work really well for breaking news alerts,” said Lindsey Dew, Software Developer. “You don’t even need to check your phone, it’s delivered straight to you. It’s great for seeing precisely what’s happening now, and delivering the exact information you need to know. The challenge we have is how do you also deliver detail, as you are limited by the UI. We’ve added ‘Save for Later’ functionality in the Guardian Glassware app, letting people send long-form journalism to their phones.”

More pertinent than news delivery, the Guardian team sees Glass’s potential sitting with creating breaking news reports. Glass can be a powerful tool for budding amateur reporters looking to add to the growing pool of “citizen journalism”.

“The scope for something like ‘citizen journalism’ with something like Glass is massive,” said Dew. “It’s a step ahead of mobile phones. That’s what Glass is really out to do — not to distract you, but to enable you to capture the moment.”