Surprise! The communists who run Vietnam aren’t any nicer to bloggers than the punks in Alabama who toss bloggers in jail:

On May 25, 2014, a Vietnamese blogger and human rights activist, Tran Thi Nga, was seriously injured during a violent attack in Hanoi, a local human rights organization reported.

Tran Thi Nga, a savvy social media user in documenting human right abuses in Vietnam, was returning home after visiting fellow blogger Nguyen Tuong Thuy when five men—now suspected to be undercover police members—surrounded her motor bike, on which she was riding with her two children, the report said. The assailants attacked Tran Thi Nga in front of her children and chased her before beating her with a metal pole. The blogger sustained serious injuries to her knee, arm, and back.

This unfortunate incident comes at a time of similar orchestrated attacks against bloggers and social media users in Vietnam. Four other distinct incidents have occurred since March 2014.


Here’s the situation. The authorities in Vietnam share something with the punks in Alabama who arrested Legal Schnauser publisher Roger Shuler. They KNOW he’s a journalist. They didn’t jail him because he wasn’t a reporter. They jailed him because he was, and to date they are getting away with it.  His blog hasn’t been updated since May 13.

In Vietnam, there is little Tran Thi Nga can do, except hope public outrage can sway calmer heads in her country’s government.