From The Fresno Nee:

Communities prosper with transparency. A writer can help ensure the voiceless have a voice. We need people to keep an eye on public life.

There is no substitute for coverage of locally produced news. Such information remains vital and continues to be extremely popular. The public is hungry for responsible storytelling. Larger media sources will not always cover the everyday stories from smaller communities unless there’s a sensational element, most often extremely negative and filled with turmoil and drama.

Yet more and more, the support for local journalism is declining. Smaller newspapers are barely hanging on, budgets to pay for reporters and local coverage are declining.

There are exceptions, but I rarely encounter  citizen journalism that does not seek to provide community-based transparency. And it almost always exists in an environment where the local (but not locally owned) mainstream media is is not cutting back on coverage and siphoning profits out of town.
Citizen journalism is people-powered media and is unconcerned with buying the CEO that second yacht.